May. 13th, 2009

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One of Stellan's toys is a french-canadian monkey. We don't know why he's french-canadian, only that every time he picks up the monkey I am compelled to say hello I am your monkey! yeesss are you ready to play with your monkey now yes? where you'll have to pretend that italic text denotes a gutteral french-canadian accent because I am at a loss for exactly how that would be most effectively transliterated. There are three people in this house for whom I am narrator, each with his own specific accent: Frank has his deep, slightly stoned "are you going to eat that?" thing going on; Stellan himself is high-pitched and honestly rather foul-mouthed, especially before meals or naps; and then there is this french-canadian monkey. Here is a photo of the monkey:

and I should note that there's ongoing discussion between squirrelhaven and I as to whether he's french-canadian and not just french; the only evidence being a frequently guttered JE SUIS CANADIENNNN!!!! on his part which is maybe protesting a little much if you know what I mean. Also I sometimes mix up the pronouns, such that the monkey tells Stellan "Okay now your mother and I have to go away and be alone by ourselves now, you just wait here and be quiet for a while, ok yes?" which is just a wrong thing for a monkey to say, french-canadian or not.

Anyway, the reason I was posting was to tell you that we watched Synechdoche, New York last night and it reduced me to literal, face-hurts-the-next-morning-from-the-muscle-strain-of-holding-them-back-for-124-minutes tears, in a "wtf who gave Charlie Kaufman permission to eavesdrop on my therapy sessions" kind of way. Not so much the four year old tattooed european sex trade daughter parts, but the striving, the aging, the death. That the fictional representations of us would be better at being us than we are. That the inside is the outside. That the house is on fire. I was going to watch it more times before saying anything, but I'm worried that if I look too closely at it it'll evaporate. And if someone was eavesdropping on your therapy sessions they might have made a completely different movie. Still.


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