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2009-03-06 12:11 pm

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I haven't been posting much because I've been in a relentlessly negative mood for the past, uh, well now that I look back I suppose the time period would best be described as "winter."

This is pretty much per usual: I am not a winter person in the best of circumstances. (Which this winter has not been. Ice storms and roof leaks and cars stranded in driveways and, well, and a baby. Who doesn't deserve to be placed in the Household Disasters category, it's not his fault. But in terms of disruption of day-to-day life, a new baby is right up there with construction work and, I dunno, falling anvils.)

But nobody needs to read me whine about that, so here's the 'five things' meme instead. )

Per the inviolable rule of LiveJournal memeage, I may not break the chain lest a family in North Dakota suffer thirteen weeks of bad luck, therefore: if you want me to prompt you with a list of five things I associate with you, ask below.